6. 12. 2020 | Koncepty

Messages in a bottle Vzkazy v lahvi

Eliška Houserová

The concept of connection with the outer world

And sometimes we just want to say “we are here”. To the world around us. To ourselves. 
We are here and we want to connect with others.

Is it cliché to talk about how challenging these times are? For all of us. The truth is that we can feel isolated. From others. From new ideas. From happiness. There is constant search for space where we can be free and can forget for a moment about what is going on in our world. For me, this space is the process of creating. And I guess I´m not the only one.

The thing is when you want to create, you need space for your creations to live. To send them like messages in a bottle out onto the open sea hoping someone would find them one day. Can you guess where I´m heading?

I believe it would be a shame not to make the space for creativity in times like these. And therefore this is the start of a small series where we share with you “messages” by our Erasmus students, their creations they want to send into the world and seek connection through them.